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As working remotely becomes the norm, organizations need to ensure that the work gets done reliably and securely no matter where employees are. Our VPN access solution offers highly reliable network security through its superior business internet, wireless backup solutions, and unified communications. We understand no organization wants its productivity compromised – that’s why our system alerts you of any possible threats so your team can remain productive beyond the office walls. With our help, transitioning to remote work doesn’t have to be a challenge. Thanks to our seamless VPN access solution, every organization is sure to cultivate an environment of successful remote working!

Remote Access VPN with Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Manage and protect every device in your environment.

In today’s fast evolving business environment, it is essential for remote staff to be securely connected so that they can work in an efficient and effective manner. To ensure this success, Macon Business Phone Systems offers its cutting-edge teleportation communication platform, which provides businesses with a secure means of accessing critical applications and data. Our technology has been equipped with the latest security protocols to protect your digital assets, even when your team is operating virtually from different locations. Our remote collaboration solutions are the answer to staying at the top of your game and outperforming your competition – let Macon Business Phone Systems take you on a journey into the future of secure digital communication.

A secure virtual private network (VPN) provides an invaluable layer of security, allowing access to applications and data only for authorized personnel. When combined with multifactor authentication (MFA), the protection is extended even further, eliminating risks of unauthorized access to the VPN. Cloud Directory simplifies user authentication by centralizing directories from several third-party integrations, making it easier to implement access control levels. By leveraging modern IT and security solutions, businesses can create secure networks that cover all devices and facilitate single point management of digital assets—ensuring ultimate peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding your data.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a critical tool for organizations managing large remote user populations. Combining passwords with hardware tokens or biometric verification, MFA creates an unprecedented level of security. Leveraging a combination of authentication mechanisms enables organizations to not only easily facilitate remote access but also confirm identity credentials and assign appropriate levels of security clearance. The robustness combined with the ease of use makes MFA an essential part of any network leveraging Remote Access VPNs. In short, multifactor authentication bolsters security for these types of networks while streamlining the process for both administrators and users.

Organizations are able to employ Cloud Directory, a comprehensive and cost-efficient identity and access management solution, to ensure ultimate security and compliance. This innovative platform provides easy access for authorized users connecting with corporate resources on desktop or mobile devices while strictly adhering to compliance regulations. With Cloud Directory in place, corporations can rest assured that sensitive data is fully safeguarded against potential unauthorized activities. The Cloud Directory’s simple implementation process also means faster deployment without sacrificing quality assurance, allowing companies time and opportunities to explore other strategic avenues.


In a world where connectivity is a priority, remote access VPNs are an essential tool in ensuring a business’s physical and digital security. Not only do they provide secure access from any location – ideal for teams increasingly operating remotely – but also enhance productivity with additional features, such as anonymous web browsing and unlocking geographical restrictions. Furthermore, these technologies help guarantee confidentiality and the integrity of data being exchanged no matter where it is accessed from. It is becoming increasingly critical for companies to take advantage of this technology not just to keep their operations safe, but also to remain competitive in today’s digital landscape.

Security + MFA

Businesses must remain aware of the increasing necessity to secure their networks due to a growing remote workforce. Utilizing Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), businesses can create layers of protection that ensure unauthorized access is deterred, while simultaneously authorizing legitimate users. By incorporating both VPNs and MFA into security protocols, organizations benefit from improved user authentication effectiveness as well as bolstered overall network defense against cyberattacks – making it an invaluable combination for safeguarding critical applications and data.

Any Device, Anywhere

The workplace of today is a far cry from that of the past, with digital technology revolutionizing employee mobility. Although this presents opportunities for improved productivity and convenience, it also creates challenges in asset security management. To address these concerns and maintain business control without sacrificing user freedom or efficiency, directory synchronization offers an ideal solution by consolidating multiple directories into one centralized hub. By using such techniques businesses can both secure their assets while enabling authorized personnel quick access to sensitive data – making sure employees still have all they need to do their jobs effectively while keeping information safe at all times.

Efficient Management & Billing

Macon Business Phone Systems offers an extensive selection of services catered to individual business needs. Our team is dedicated to helping you save money and optimize your operations with innovative SD-WAN solutions, Cutting Edge Security features, and a flexible billing system that ensures cost efficiency each month. Let us demonstrate how our comprehensive service can provide the company costs savings without sacrificing quality or safety – contact Macon Business Phone Systems today!